The Design-Driven Innovation Circle

This blog supports networking among all those interested in Design-Driven Innovation (being them scholars, practitioners, students, experts in business and in design).
This is not a typical community, this is a “Circle”. Not a place for anonymous hordes and crowds. But a dialogue among people who are radical thinkers, keen observers of the dynamics of business, culture and society; researchers and seducers who want to better understand the strategy and process of design-driven innovation and want to share their insights. As described in Roberto Verganti's book "Design-Driven Innovation", by Harvard Business Press, circles are the foundations for breakthroughs. And the strategy and process of Design-Driven Innovation is a breakthrough in itself, especially compared to traditional innovation approaches described in classic management textbooks. The “DDI Circle” wants to contribute to those network dynamics and discourses that can help each one of its members develop greater capabilities to achieve design-driven innovations.

The dialogue and sharing of knowledge in the DDI Circle currently occurs through two means:
- The “DDI Collection”: a collection of cases of Design Driven Innovation. Cases are posted by members of the Circle and are freely accessible.
- The “DDI Events”: events organized (typically in Italy) for sharing knowledge through the most powerful and effective media: physical dialogue and meetings among members of the Circle.

How to be part of the DDI Circle
Please click here and fill-in the email form to become a member of the DDI Circle. Then contribute to the DDI collection. We will keep you posted about coming events. Then participate in events.

Fivefingers by Vibram

Posted by Giovanni Zappelli

From Human foot, to achieve sports performance and welleness, needs maxiumum support functions provided by complex footing solutions ... to human foot, to achieve sports performance and welleness, needs minimal support functions provided by any footing solutions

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From blogs and desktop messengers, a old way of communication ... to a new way of communication, short, incisive and focused

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